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miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009


I am a woman and I can't stop being amazed by that.

Being conscious about my female condition fills me with different feelings and sensations that complement each other to form something so complex and beautiful that it becomes difficult to explain with words.

I am a woman and I am happy about it. Because each of us has in her something of a mother, a partner, a friend, and a girl. Because we are passionate, understanding and noble. Because we are fighters and we are capable of doing many things for our children, for our partner, for our family. Because we are self-sacrificing and we can do unforeseen things if we feel they are worth it. Because we love, we feel, we believe and we reason in a particular and unique way. Because our body is wonderful; we can love, give life and feed that life afterwards. Because from us comes the life that will survive us, life that is the continuation of ours. Because, although we are capable of receiving, we are never too tired to give. Because we are the spiritual and moral support of our families. Because we can carry unbelievably heavy loads, yet still have an encouraging word for someone who is tired. Because we resist succumbing; we always look for the way of persevering despite the difficulties. Because our soul is full with flowers. Because we can alleviate the pain of others with tenderness. Because we can change the course of events with our presence. Because our love is capable of achieving the impossible. Because we feel deep inside. Because we love with no condition; we devote ourselves totally, and we are loyal to our love. Because when we love, we do it with all our senses, with body and soul. Because we are the oasis for our partner. Because we are patient and tolerant. Because we go after our goals without excluding the ones we love. Because with only a smile, we can make others happy. Because in our heart is plenty of space for those who are around us. Because we take care of our children and we prepare them for life optimistically. Because we are capable of giving our own life for that of our children. Because we are sensitive. Because we live our femininity in a natural way. Because we like compliments when they have a reason. Because, being conscious of all this, we know we are strong and nevertheless we are sensitive. Because, although we are professionally on the same level as men, we like to be respected and treated as women in the only valid sense. Because we don't need to constantly demonstrate how much we are worth; it is a fact and everybody knows it. Because of all this, it becomes so beautiful and fascinating living our existence plentifully; because we are important and essential. We should never forget it and we should by no means hide it: we are women and we have to be proud of it.

© 1995 PSR

3 comentarios:

  1. Muchas gracias, Paty, por compartir esto. Me encanta el español pero el inglés me suena tan hermoso... es un precioso escrito... ¡felicitaciones!
    Me caló todo tu escrito pero resalté algunas frases que especialmente me conmovieron. (Me da risa porque al releerlo creo que resalté casi todas :-))
    Un abrazo y que tengas un buen día

  2. Querida Paty, que bonito es leer lo que escribes, I want to tell you something in english.."we are never too tired to give".. sometimes I feel I don't want to give no more, but now, I will try to do this more and more each day and I'll try to remember this allways. Thank you very much. Have a good time.

  3. me gusta tu manera de escribir Paty, mantienes siempre al lector en suspenso, porque el texto comienza con algo que no sabes nunca c'omo va a terminar. eso me gusta

    Tu pana Risbel